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We don't have all the answers, but we're working on it.

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This community rose from a desire to have a place where Christians could present thoughtful arguments about their religion. We realize there are a lot of places out there for debate and lot of places for Christians, and even some for Christian debate. This community, however, is composed mostly of those who believe in Christianity and its purpose is to present arguments in good form for healthy discussions.

The idea is to back up your ideas with actual thought, rather than just regurgitate whatever somebody else has said to you. Ask people, get opinions, but base beliefs on serious thought and not just "because the Bible says so." Where does the Bible say it? What are different interpretations? What has history, science, philosophy, logic shown us? You can't convince someone of your beliefs if all you say is "the Bible says it" and they think the Bible is a bunch of hooey. You need to start elsewhere. That's what this place is for.

The moderators will call you on poorly thought-out arguments here (though we will go easier on you if you are simply looking, thoughtfully, for information). They will call you on citing fallacies, poor construction of arguments, tautologies, and double negatives. Also, lj has a spelling check. Please keep spelling and grammar in mind . . . it's a lot easier to understand an argument when it's readable. Use cuts for long posts.

Moderators: sinda and agelade. Feel free to contact them with questions.