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Coming back out of the woodwork

Hey. I started this community a while ago on a lazy Saturday when I was complaining with a friend of mine about people having poor, hole-filled and badly-stated arguments about God. I meant to write a lot in it. I got distracted and kind of abandoned it. I'm sorry about that.

I still think this community is a good idea. I'm going to try harder to keep it alive. I never did write my opinions on the Flood, and I may still do that, and there's something else I've been meaning to write too, but for now I'm putting something here that was suggested by a friend.

This is an excerpt from an email from me to said friend about a mutual friend of ours that is dealing with the apparent suicide of her boyfriend. I'm interested in your opinions on what I had to say.


I know you're afraid of death. And I know how hard it is to deal with things like this, especially with people so young. But I firmly believe that God has the ability to use the decisions we make to teach us things that we need to know or to touch the lives of others. I believe that since we have free will, He will let us do the things we choose, but He also has the ability to put us into situations where our decisions will help His plan for our lives. And sometimes we'll never know why things happen as they do, but that doesn't mean they don't happen for a reason. Maybe in like 50 years, surviving this experience will help Jess give solace to somebody else in a similar situation . . . we don't know. I don't believe God wanted Kyle to commit suicide, but that's the sticky thing with free will. He won't stop us, but He'll use our choices in ways that we might not understand.

I have to believe that. I've seen too much death and pain to think it serves no purpose at all.

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Present Yourself!

Everyone! Flood Theories! Now!

The flood is a HUGE thing in the Bible, and there are several academic explanations. I want to hear them. :-)

Topics to think about in your response:

1.) How is it possible that rain came down for 40 days heavily enough that it flooded the face of the entire planet?

2.) How do you justify such an act of violent death over the face of the entire planet as coming from our Beloved God?

Feel free to add in other things that might pertain to the topic.

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An introduction

(Sorry I waited so long to post; my weeks tend to eat me and I have the most free time on the weekends.)

I thought I'd kick this off with a description of my spiritual background, because it greatly influences things I'm likely to say in this community. Collapse )

I hope this will be a community where we can talk about things we're wondering about, and I hope people will find the answers they are seeking through thoughtful discussion. I have grown into the type of Christian who needs to be able to understand an idea to have a solid belief in it, or else to accept that it is an idea I cannot understand after having tried, and choosing to accept on faith. I know I'm not the only person out there that likes to think through new ideas to understand just where I stand on them, and hopefully through all of our seeking, we will find the answers together.
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Here we go.

We got tired of people who try to "debate" without following good form. It's very difficult to change a person's mind about something if your argument is full of holes and poorly stated. So this is some attempt to introduce opinions, thoughts, and debates in a way that covers all the bases. We're not here to fight, but we do want to be able to discuss our questions about God and back up our answers. This community can be for information-seekers and information-sharers. You may have questions; so do we. Hopefully, together, we can find some answers amongst it all.