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Everyone! Flood Theories! Now!

The flood is a HUGE thing in the Bible, and there are several academic explanations. I want to hear them. :-)

Topics to think about in your response:

1.) How is it possible that rain came down for 40 days heavily enough that it flooded the face of the entire planet?

2.) How do you justify such an act of violent death over the face of the entire planet as coming from our Beloved God?

Feel free to add in other things that might pertain to the topic.

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Date:April 17th, 2004 03:58 pm (UTC)
1. God. God wanted to flood the earth, He did.

2. God is just, and would no longer tolerate the sin of the world. He is soverign.
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Date:April 20th, 2004 07:50 pm (UTC)
I'll second childlike_faith... on both counts.
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Date:April 22nd, 2004 09:40 pm (UTC)

here goes nothing....

Man, I had half the post written and managed to delete it... it had humor and everything... anyway, here goes take two, and I may try to reproduce some of the humor, cuz i'm in an odd mood and it really amused me, but if it just doesn't go the distance it's because this is just a shadow of what I'd started to write... and now, on to take two...

Ok, so I'm in this class called the dynamic earth and we just actually talked about this a week or two ago. So here's a potential scientific explaination for the scientificaly minded people.

so basically... (uh... one sec... ::leaves to get notebook. patter, patter, rummage, ah-hah!, patter, patter, sits back down with notebook in hand and a smile on face) (yeah, it was better the first time, ah well... but it did happen. ::sigh::)

Anyway, during the last ice age, the amount of water caught up in glacial ice increased dramatically (well, yeah, it IS an ice age) and this cause the sea level to drop about 400ft. This resulted in the Black sea getting cut off from the ocean and becoming just a big lake. Now it's really hot over there, so most of the water evaporated leaving a big dry area and a puddle in the middle. then ~7,500 years ago, a channel forms between the ocean and what was the black sea, and the water level in the sea rises about 15cm/day while the shoreline expands at about 1-2km per day. This goes on for a very long time and recently it's been suggested that this could have been Noah's Flood.

i'm not saying this solution has all the answers. I mean, I grew up hearing about the rain, day and night and day and night, but it certainly has possibilities. The idea with Noah's flood is that the non-believers were left behind and presumably died, and with the shoreline expanding at only 1-2km/day, it seems unlikely to me that people would die, but then again, 1-2km/day is a lot, especially as your house and everything you know gets sucked down beneath the water as it just keeps coming. I mean, how would we feel today if the Atlantic ocean decided to advance onto north america for forty days at 2km/day? I think it would certainly get labled a gigantic disaster, perhaps on the same level as Noah's Flood.

As for question two, frankly, I don't like it. My views on religion are kinda funky for someone who was raised in the Catholic Church (for the record, I really dislike the divisions in the Christian Churchs and tend to think of myself as a Christian rather then a Catholic and really feel free to just find a church that I like rather then one of a specific denomination) and I guess, I have trouble believing that God, who is supposed to be so very loving, would condemn someone else. We're taught to love our brother by the church, and there's a part of me that has a hard time thinking that God would not do the same and would truly let so many people and creatures die. I guess in a way that makes me like this explaination better because it means that not as many people would have been hurt.

anyway, it's late and so i'm going to stop. lisa, you have to give us your views too!!!
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Date:April 29th, 2004 07:40 am (UTC)

Re: here goes nothing....

I'll give you my views, but since I asked the question, I'm waiting to hear responses first.

And about your answer to number two: Yeah, I feel the same way. But God does a lot that we can't question or condemn as what we see as wrong. millions of people and creatures die every single day, and he doesn't stop it. It's the natural way of things, set in motion by Adam and Eve, if you think of it that way. Because of that first sin, we can no longer live in paradise and death is a reality for us. To God, death may not have much meaning at all, since there is the whole afterlife thing.

anyhoo, when I get more scientific responses, I will consider writing out my own theories.
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